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Why choose anyone else, when you can get professional expertise as well as sound legal advice regarding one of the most important decisions of your life.


We offer our services in selling all types of properties, including new developments, sectional title units, freehold, commercial and farmland.


  1. You decide that you want to try an unconventional but tested method of selling your home.
  2. You sign an exclusive mandate with us for a period of 3 months (up to date of the auction), and this mandate is extended by 60 days post auction, for potential referral sales from the auction if the property is not sold on the day.
  3. Your property is marketed over the 3-month period, both in print media, social media as well as other online platforms, and is given a tailored design and individual marketing campaign, based on your needs and urgency.
  4. You can either choose to use our normal marketing methods, or you can pay for additional advertising (which will be recovered from your buyer on a successful bid). This means that you can choose premium paid packages (based on urgency), which will showcase your property more vividly, and these costs will be reimbursed to you by your buyer (i.e. your buyer will pay for your property and pay an additional amount to cover the advertising).
  5. An auction date is set, and your property will either be auctioned as a multi-prop auction on a set date at a set venue, alternatively the auction will take place on site. We do however allow direct buyers to approach us prior to the auction date, should they not want to wait.
  6. At the auction your property will be showcased, and the bidding process will begin. Bidders will be encouraged to bid for the property at increasing increments, and therefore the price increases each time someone makes a bid on the property. An auction is considered complete when the highest bid is reached.
  7. We will contact you to advise you on the price reached, and you are able to accept or decline meaning you are in control. The final conclusion of the auction is your acceptance of the bid.
  8. After you accept the bid, we cover the rest! We collect the deposit and advertising costs and initiate the transfer process immediately with our in-house conveyancing department, which will ensure the transfer process is efficient and smooth, allowing you to get your proceeds in the shortest time possible.

Great things to note!

  • The buyer pays your commission!
  • The buyer pays for the woodborer and certificates of compliance.
  • Our commission for buyers is lower than other agencies, which makes your auction more attractive to potential buyers.
  • We offer a full-circle service of advertising, auction and transfer of your home, meaning you don’t have to deal with multiple people during the process – you deal with us!
  • We offer a fast and reliable service when you need it!


Contact us for all your rental needs.  We will assist in doing the necessary inspection checks, drafting your lease agreements, signing with the lessees ensuring that all legal requirements are met, and finally ensuring that rental is collected promptly.

Should any default occur in the payment of rentals, we are able to act immediately with the appropriate letters of demand and prompt legal service.  Should legal action be required, we will immediately be able to utilise the lessees deposit to cover legal costs, in order to cover all costs at the initial stage without the Landlord being out of pocket, thereby reducing the cost to the Lessor and reducing the likelihood of losing out on any rentals.

Property disputes

Being experts in our field in both property transfers and litigation, in the event that you may come across issues with a transfer of a property as a result of latent or patent defects, or even concerns regarding the applicability of the Consumer Protection Act, we can assist.

Lease agreements

We are able to assist in the drafting of any private or commercial lease agreements.

Should you want to lease your residential property, we can ensure that you are securely covered in order to avoid any possible “alternative” lessee escaping liability.

Should you want to lease out commercial premises, we can ensure that the proper security is put in place to guarantee that not only juristic companies are liable for rental, but their managing directors as well.

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    Phone: 043 555 0310
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