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Category Archives: Saving Tips

5 Tips for getting your Home ready to sell post Lockdo...

You wanted to sell your property, but then the apoclypse happened and the coronaviris meant you were locked-down and unable to sell your home… There are positives and negatives about this… so it’s up to you to think of the glass as half empty or half full. A positive is that although when lockdown “ends”, it won’t be business as usual, as they’ll end …

Give and Take in the midst of Covid 19

It has been a rolercoaster ride for the world in the last couple of months with the jolt of the epic Corona virus pandemic which emanated from China in 2019. For a change, South Africans are not talking about emmigrating!  Glass half full we say, because we live in such a beautiful country! With these extenuating circumstances we find ourselves in, Government, financial institutions …

Top 7 Electricity Saving Products

With winter’s imminent arrival, South Africans across the country will be looking for ways to combat electricity prices. Whether prepaid or open, electricity has been a difficult energy source over recent years. has put together a list of products that can help consumers reduce both their electricity costs and carbon footprint during the chilly season. Here are the top 7 practical products available online now:

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For more information on COVID-19 in South Africa please visit the South African COVID-19 Portal