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5 Tips for getting your Home ready to sell post Lockdown

Posted by Laila Conlon on 19 Apr, 2020
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You wanted to sell your property, but then the apoclypse happened and the coronaviris meant you were locked-down and unable to sell your home…

There are positives and negatives about this… so it’s up to you to think of the glass as half empty or half full.

A positive is that although when lockdown “ends”, it won’t be business as usual, as they’ll end up staggering the opening of certain businesses and we’ll still be on a go-slow.  This means that you will now have the time to fix the problem areas (if you are somewhat of a handyperson), without having the excuse of “I don’t have the time”.

Things you and I can do without the necessity of a handyman are the following:

  1. Fresh paint! If your home doesn’t have a lot of natural light (or your teenager decided to go with magenta or charcoal in their emo years), you need to counter that by ensuring light paint is used throughout to brighten it up.  Take advantage of YouTube videos to learn how to clean, prep and prime walls, and with a little effort on you side, lighten and brighten your home making it feel new and fresh.
  2. Turn old bathrooms into updated spaces with a mini-makeover. Many older homes have bathrooms dreamed up in the 70s and 80s, with coloured tiles or other interesting patterns on them.  Just as with a drab room, you can refurb your dated bathroom by painting over dated tiles.  Have a look at this transformation for some inspiration:
  3. With more painting in mind, why not update your kitchen cupboards if need be – paint and new handles can be a game-changer. Again, many older homes have dated pine kitchens which are dark and drab.  So once again, take charge and get your inner makeover specialist in action.  Want some inspiration? Have a look here:
  4. Glean up the garden. While landscaped gardens don’t necessarily sell homes, if your garden is non-existent or looks like a scrapyard, you won’t be doing yourself any favours.  Get rid of rubble or yard refuse.  Make sure the boundary wall is clear and that the grass is cut, and if need be, invest in some hardy and waterwise plants to create neat beds to give it a good impression – just ask your local nursery for affordable ideas.
  5. Tidy up!  The worst part of an agent’s job is putting the toilet seat down, making the beds and clearing kitchen counters…  Clear up clutter for the day on which photos are being taken, as well as for the duration of your listing.  Be a neat-freak and ensure that whenever someone walks into your home, they have the best first impression possible (seeing as you only get one of those…).

Best of all!  During these hard times doing things on your own saves money now which will add value without the additional pricetage associated with it.

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