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4 Signs you’re not getting the Service you should from your Real Estate Agent

Posted by Laila Conlon on 1 Sep, 2017
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We see far too many real estate agencies promise far too much and deliver far too little…  Has your real estate agent told you they would sell your property within a month?  Have they told you this is their “bread and butter” and so you can’t go wrong with them?

The promises we give?  You will receive excellent and unparalleled service, we ensure constant feedback and guidance throughout your selling experience, and you will have access to legal professionals, at no cost, every step of the way.

That being said, these are things to consider, just as you would when spring cleaning a cupboard! Out with the old and in with the new!

Has your property been listed promptly, with the correct details and quality images

When you invite an agent to view your home for the purpose of listing, you’re entrusting them with ensuring that your property is communicated to buyers quickly and correctly.

Similarly, listing your property is not just about getting it on a marketing platform in any shape or form; it’s about showcasing your property in the best way possible, and highlighting its key and best features.  By utilising poor quality and dark or grainy images, means that your property is not likely to be listed in the upper rankings on a web search, which means yours will be mulling at the bottom of the barrel.

At Conlon Prop we guarantee that your listing is published within 24 hours of photos being taken (and we obsess over quality images).  The only obstacle here is you, the seller!  So, if you let us, we will take the care and time you deserve to ensure your listing shines.

Is your property being promoted on more than 1 or 2 platforms?

The industry standard for listing private and commercial properties is Property24, where the majority of South Africans go searching for their next pad, but is it enough?  We say no ways.

To ensure that your property is sufficiently showcased to the right people, you have to use more than 1 or 2 platforms to reach your target audience.

These other platforms include an agency website (which can be located on a simple Google search), other websites which allow the placing of 3rd party properties, social media (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and print media, including your local property mag, as well as the agency’s own print media (such as flyers).

We utilise all these platforms!  We utilise more than 2 website platforms to sell or lease your property, we are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (check us out), with regular paid advertising campaigns targeting specific audiences.  We also use local print media (find us in the Neighbourhood Listings Mag) as well as our own print media in the various suburbs.

Does your agent communicate with you regarding progress, leads and price

At Conlon Prop, we are big on communication!

Communication is key in any industry, and knowledge is power – so if your agent is keeping in regular contact with you with regards to the leads they are receiving and the echoes of what the property market is doing in your area, they will be able to guide you better in order to sell your property faster.

We track these movements with extensive web analytics via standard and paid advertising campaigns.  With this information we will assist you in interpreting what the market is doing, which will give you the time and stats to review and make the changes needed to your marketing strategy.

Does your agency have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with difficulties before they become problems?

We have the perfect combination of sales and legal experience to deal with any eventuality.

What can your agent actually do as far as ensuring that your home is sold quickly and without hassles?  This is not only important for a marketing strategy, but more so for the pitfalls that sellers can find themselves in after the sale has been concluded.

An agent that tells you to paint over a spot of damp to hide it from a suspecting buyer is not looking after your interests.  While a buyer might snap it up, you might find the law knocking on your door for concealing a known defect in the property, which may lead to you having to pay for remedial work from your proceeds.

Similarly, if the agent knowingly conceals other issues with the property (such as title deed restrictions), this will land you in hot water, and not the agent themselves.

At Conlon Prop, we not only have extensive experience in the real estate industry, we have a combined 44 years of legal experience in property law, which will ensure that your sale is concluded effortlessly, while ensuring that the issues you may need to consider are highlighted and communicated to all parties properly.

We have expert knowledge, both general and legal, in all property related matters, and are able to assist you in any question you have regarding your rights and potential obligations with selling your home.

Out with the old and in with the new!

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